Animal Sense Devices

פרויקטים לתואר שני בRoyal College of Art.

Animal Sense Devices by Chris Woebken and Kenichi Okada, Design Interactions

“Animals have senses beyond human experience. They instinctively sense approaching tsunamis through low frequencies, communicate through pheromones or can navigate through magnetic fields.

“Curiosity and exploration is one of the major desires of children. We believe reality is tune-able and we developed a series of sensory enhancements as experiential prototypes. Can you retrain lost senses and instincts? Can you create an experience of feeling like an animal, even as tiny as an ant? How would kids feel if they can transform through to adults on the same eye level?

“Ant - feeling 50x smaller
Bird - retrain the sense for magnetic fields
Giraffe - child to adult converter”

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